Born & bred in Ireland, Fresh is proud of its 100% Irish roots.


This is the heart of our business. We love sourcing, producing and creating great food every day for our customers. We carefully hand pick all of the produce and ingredients that we use and sell every day.  

Our fresh food teams strive to create tasty and convenient food. We work hard to ensure our food is always easy to take or easy to make. We work to be industry leaders in baked and confectionery breads, homemade salads, gourmet sandwiches, freshly made hot food and much more.

The key to our fresh food departments is our quality and variety. We understand our customers tastes and interests change so we created a working ethos – So many foods for so many moods


Our trading team is always on the hunt for the newest trends in the food world. We partner with over 250 producers and suppliers from around the world and locally. This enables our stores to cater for varied lifestyles and specialised dietary requirements.  

We like to make niche and specialised products readily available to our customers. We believe our stores should be a go to place when seeking out that secret ingredient!

We champion artisan and local producers. We actively engage with new businesses every day. We know we can be a quick route to market for new products. Our stores have been one of the first to offer many of today’s biggest selling Irish products.  


Our Wine buyers have developed excellent relationships with Vineyards from Portugal, Italy, Spain, France and Chile to name but a few. This allows our stores to source some of the most beautiful wine in the world and make it available to our customers at a reasonable price.

We never stock a wine our team haven’t tasted. It must meet our seal of approval before going on shelf.

Our passion for wine has lead to our stores being listed in the Top 5 Supermarkets for Wine by The Sunday Business Post. We are also regularly featured by leading Wine writer John Wilson from The Irish Times as well as many other publications.


It’s important for our stores that as well as working really hard at offering specialised and gourmet foods; we don’t forget about the basics. Our stores are all located amongst residential living and office spaces.

We need to be convenient for our every day shoppers so we offer essential household and kitchen cupboard products like every other supermarket. This we hope, gives our customers the best of both worlds.

In 2006, our founder, Noel Smith coined the tagline – From the ordinary to the extraordinary! We live by this phrase in every decision we make.